Process documents as humans do.
Just ask.

We harness the power of large language models and the latest computer vision techniques to extract and process documents and semantic content.
Our AI enables automatic information extraction that used to be impossible.

Powerful insights from simple questions.

We built an AI that can find the answers to any question about details in any document.
Just upload an image - a simple scan will suffice!
This also allows extracting information that was not possible before.
Simply by asking, like asking a human colleague.

What is the number of the cost center?

By what date must the invoice be paid?

At what temperature would the product ignite?

Simplify document and content processing across many industries

Complex invoices
Process invoices with different layouts and concerns.
Manufacturing documents
Extract important information that was previously inaccessible.
Delivery documents
Follow what is important, even if it was written for humans.
Customer communications
Get key insights about your customer communications.

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Great Features. Out of the Box and Ready to Use.


No OCR, no big requirements - if the document can be displayed on a screen, it can be processed.


We support various languages for data extraction and analysis. You got an Italian document but only speak German? Our AI has got you covered.


Got an unexpected answer from our AI? We provide the necessary tools to show how our AI viewed the document.

What's next?

We are live and ready.
Just grab a (digital) coffee and see what is possible!